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DSP Applications Notes

Introduction To Digital Signal Processing

Introduction To Frequency Domain Signal Processing

Introduction To Frequency Domain Filtering

Optimizing SigLib functions with modern C compilers

Using SigLib In A Room Response Analysis Application

Digital Filtering with SigLib

Using SigLib With The Texas Instruments DSP Functions - This document describes how to combine SigLib functionality with hand optimized assembly coded functions to get optimum performance for your core functions.

Using SigLib On Fixed Point DSPs

Using SigLib With Fast IIR Filter Functions (Full) - PDF Version

Numerix Standard Coding Guidelines - This document discusses how to write highly efficient C code and includes information about the efficient implementation of DSP algorithms, in any language.

Real-time C Coding Guidelines - This document discusses issues relating to the management of memory within C programs.

DSP Algorithms

The DSP Algorithms Have Now Moved To The Numerix-DSP Blog

Third Party Applications Notes

These files have been provided on this web site in good faith because they can sometimes be difficult to locate on the web. We do not provide support or warranty for these files.

Principles of Sigma-Delta Conversion for Analog To Digital Converters - Published by Motorola, many years ago, this excellent applications note covers many many important DSP algorithms.

Sun Micro Systems G.7xx Reference Code - This file contains the Sun Microsystems public domain reference code for G.711 (A-law and u-Law), G.721 (32Kbps ADPCM), G.723 (24Kbps and 40 Kbps ADPCM coders).

Home Page | SigLib™ DSP Library | DFPlus™ Filter Designer

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