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  SigLib Library   Digital Filter Plus

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SigLib Examples And Demonstration Programs

Click here to get the free SigLib, with full examples.

General Files

System Analyzer- V2.10 (Updated 4th Jan 2015) - A simple System Analyzer that uses wxWidgets V3.0.2 (A free portable GUI library), NGL, PortAudio (A free portable Audio I/O library) and can optionally use SigLib. This application includes the full GUI source code.

Gnuplot/C - C library used to interface between C/C++ and Gnuplot. This library can be used with the SigLib example programs to display the results.

Numerix Host Library - V3.00 (updated 31-12-14) - A library of host I/O routines, including full source code. Functions include console and File I/O, including .WAV files. These functions can be used on any OS (UNIX, Windows etc.) and also on any other embedded processor or DSP that supports console and file I/O via the debug environment. These functions can also be used with Gnuplot/C to run any of the SigLib example programs.

Numerix Graphics Library - V2.60 (Updated 23-10-2014) - A simple library of graphics routines for the wxWidgets V3.0.x and later based GUI applications. Full source code is included.

DSP Development Files

Polyphase filter generator- Converts a set of FIR filter coefficients into polyphase filter banks.


Support Software

INI File Class - A wxWidgets (formerly wxWindows) C++ class that allows for the writing and reading of initialisation and information strings to an .ini file.

LED Class (Updated 2nd Jan 2007) - A wxWidgets (formerly wxWindows) C++ class that allows for the display of round LEDs in an application.


The SigLib package is fully supported by Sigma Numerix Ltd.. however the following free software is supplied as "User Supported Software" by Sigma Numerix Ltd.. Sigma Numerix Ltd.. can accept no liability for the functionality of this software or any damage caused while it is in use.

We hope you find these files useful.

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