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Numerix-DSP is an internationally respected supplier of DSP software, consultancy and training. Our software is designed for ease of use, configurability and portability; being available on many industry standard micro-processor and DSP architectures. Numerix-DSP has been supplying DSP software targeted at general purpose DSPs and microprocessors since 1992.

Our products encompass the main goals of functionality and portability and we support these products with complete technical support and applications consultancy.

Numerix-DSP is a registered DSP Third Party provider for all the major micro-processor and DSP manufacturers. An abreviated list is shown on the right hand side. Please Click Here for a complete list of our partners.

SigLib™, our primary DSP library has been licensed by all the major DSP manufacturers for use in-house or the development of their own hand optimised versions. SigLib is also used by many research and defense companies for mission critical applications under water, on land, in the air and in space. SigLib is the only truely portable DSP library on the market and has been ported to more processors than any other library.

Numerix-DSP supplies the full source code to its DSP libraries, this allows for a high degree of portability and maintainability.

  Some Of Our Partners

XMOS Semiconductors

We are a Texas Instruments Inc. third party

We are an Analog Devices Inc. third party


Numerix - Customers

Numerix-DSP is proud to be associated with commercial, educational and research establishments who also excel in the field of signal processing. A partial list of Numerix' customers can be viewed.

Gard Bjering, Options AS, Norway :

"Numerix and their excellent suppport saved us for hours/days of signal-analysis-troubleshooting, and we have superior results in using the SigLib library in our DSP-related products. We have used both Linux and MS Windows, and the cross-development platform provided by Numerix have proven to be both efficient and very stable."

Alan Campbell, Accelerator Physics Researcher, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA :

"Siglib has been top notch! The fact that we can test on PC apriori has made development quicker. Transferring code from the PC to a DSP was much reduced in time too."

Mark Vaughan, Research Officer, University of Bath, UK :

"I've used the siglib libraries on both PC and LSI PC/C31, and found them very useful, especially in saving me time in code development, also used the graphics functions on the PC."

Jim Barber, Silicon Pixels, USA :

"The library was well worth the investment"

Dwight Harm, Trax Softworks Inc., USA :

"I want to mention that this library is truely an excellent addition to my tools, and at such an incredibly low (dare I say cheap!) price."

Ozhan Duzenli, Engineer, Turkey :

"I ordered your SigLib library and I am currently using it. Please let me tell you that it is amazing and as a signal processing guy, your library is more than I expected."

Todd Wangsness, NexPower Networks Inc., USA:

"SigLib is a very nice package. You've done an excellent job on this."

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